The reliability of twenty years of family management


Daniela Bernabei

The Boss

"My career began in the 1990s with exhibitions of artistic handicrafts at events around Romagna. Decoupage decorations, pressed flower work, handmade objects were my specialities. The step of taking up an activity related to the world of flowers was decisive in order to put all the knowledge acquired up to that moment to good use. The shop is now a second home for me, where I can freely express my artistic vein and where I benefit from the satisfaction of my customers".

Andrea Casali

the whimsical

After graduating I started working in a shop at a very young age. As I grew up, I attended various specialisation courses to improve my technique, refine my knowledge even more and enhance my creativity. Today, I am absolutely in tune with my activity, which gives me so much satisfaction every day. I feel I can translate with my works the emotions that customers want to express and advise them in the right choice, wisely combining colours, shapes and materials. 

Giacomo Casali

the precise

"When Clover was born in 2002, I was studying to become a chef. In the several years I spent in the restaurant industry, I learned to work creatively, orderly and systematically. 

Having developed a passion for the world of floral design, I joined the Trifoglio team, bringing with me the experience I had learnt and contributing to the ever-evolving creative processes that underpin each arrangement we produce".


Il Trifoglio was born in 2002 from the entrepreneurial vision of Daniela, who was later joined by her two sons Andrea and Giacomo.

Each of them, with their own style and aesthetic sense, makes a fundamental contribution to the creation of bouquets, centrepieces, gifts, flower arrangements, decorations with plants and flowers.

They specialise in the packaging of indoor and outdoor plants, succulent plants, fresh, stabilised, dried and artificial flowers, and the making of graduation wreaths.

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In their many years of activity, the Trifoglio team has created numerous floral arrangements for ceremonies - weddings, christenings, parties and anniversaries, funerals - distinguishing themselves for their punctuality, reliability and attention to detail.

A very important aspect is advising customers on the choice and correct maintenance of plants over time, depending on the climatic conditions or the environment in which they live.

In addition, to ensure a complete service, they offer a delivery service and, in step with the times, a WhatsApp service to be closer to customers who cannot physically get to the shop.

The stylistic evolution that Trifoglio has undergone over the years is undoubtedly due to the courses taken with important Italian and Dutch masters and, not least, to continuous research and experimentation into new manufacturing techniques and materials.
In fact, there is an infinite range of colours, shapes, materials and fashionable decorative accessories that can be used to make each creation unique and harmonious. For this reason, creativity and imagination must be reconciled with compositional technique, the chromaticity of the colours of flowers, plants and materials, all guided by a taste for beauty.

Thanks to the professionalism and passion of Daniela, Andrea and Giacomo, TRIFOGLIO is now one of the most important flower design companies in the Rimini area.


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